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This site exists to honor the men and women of Rye, N.Y. who served their country. Thank you to all of them.

Hi All – I just finished updating the 202 Rye Korean veterans pages. As you may or may not know each Rye veteran has their own page dedicated to them in honor of their service to our country.

180 pictures added
100 short biographies written by RHS APUSH students
90 obituaries added
Searched thousands of old Rye Chronicle articles
Searched Ancestry.com, multiples sources, including census data.
Searched multiple sources using National Archives database

There are many Korean veterans still alive. As far as the obituaries, I can find them pre 1978 thru old Rye Chronicles and post 2000 thru another site. I will continue looking for a source for the 20 years not covered.

I need your help to share this. I do not have emails for most of the relatives of these men, but between us we could reach out to many. I would ask them to add and correct any information and send me anything (DD-214 Discharge Records) they would like to submit including pictures to chris@ryevets.org.

Lastly, there are a lot of these guys we know / knew. On the bottom of each veterans page there is a comments section. I would ask you to leave a comment on any memories you would like to share.

I feel the comments section is the true tribute feature of this site, because it comes from the people who knew them.

It is up to us, the last generation to know these men, to honor them with a story or two. It would be an especially fitting thing to do tomorrow, Veterans Day.

All of the above also pertains to all the other veterans on the site, WWI,WWII, Vietnam, now totaling over 2,200. Thanks for your help and if you have any questions, please let me know.

Chris Maloney 11/10/20

PS Veterans day service is broadcast tomorrow starting at 11 am on RCTV, it promises to be very special.

In a letter to one Rye mother from Lieut. Gen. George C. Kenney, Headquarters Allied Air Forces, Southwest Pacific Area. The letter said in part:
"Theirs is a very real and very tangible contribution to victory and to peace. I would like to tell you how genuinely proud I am to have men such as your son in my command, and how gratified I am to know that young Americans with such courage and resourcefulness are fighting our country's battle against the aggressor nations."
This project has always been a community effort in conjunction with the Rye Historical Society, American Legion Post 128, Rye High School & Middle School and numerous volunteers. To our knowledge no other community has ever attempted anything on this scale and this project could serve as a template for all other interested municipalities across the United States. Please consider volunteering to help tell our veterans stories.

SAMLER, JOHN F. Davidson, Robert H.
JOHN F. SAMLER U.S. Marine Corps WWII Robert H. Davidson U.S. Marine Corps WWII