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Kuser, Donald P

Kuser, Donald P

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Donald P. Kuser, nicknamed Don, was born in New York, New York on August 30,1929 to John P. Kuser and Marion Parsons Kuser. He was baptized shortly after his birth on March 16,1930. He had one sibling, his older sister Doris and lived at 16 Vale Place for the majority of his time in Rye. His father worked as a draftsman for an engineering company and was the primary form of income for the family. Donald, RHS class of 1947, was small in stature and known for being a great friend to many. During his time at Rye High School, he played in the band and impressively participated in three sports: hockey, tennis and track. He was not very successful in hockey as his hockey team went an abysmal 0-10 in his senior season as it was their first year in the Playland Scholastic League. A few years after high school, in 1951 he married his wife, Alvena Fegley Kuser Kiiser, in Philadelphia. In the same exact year, Donald enlisted in the United States Navy and served in the Korean War until he was discharged on Dec 16,1952. Don died on September 1st, 1988.

JP Keith
RHS 2021
Date of Birth: 30-Aug-29
Died On: 1-Sep-88
Street Address: 16 Vale Place
Service Number: 97223987
Branch of Service: U.S. Navy

Veteran Code: KOR-114

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Donald P Kuser enlistment date was 2-21-1951 and he served until discharged on 12-16-1952.
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