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Izzo, Michael

Izzo, Michael

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Michael J. Izzo was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut on April 15, 1928. In Rye, he lived at 150 Maple Avenue with his mother Jennie Izzo, and his father Michael Izzo. As the man of the house, father Michael Izzo supported the family of 3 by operating a grocery store in the neighboring city of Port Chester, NY. On the other hand, Michael J's mother was a proud Girl Scout leader in Rye. As for Michael J. Izzo himself, he lived an outstanding life filled with exceptional achievements. As a child in grammar school, Michael was a part of the very first "Rye Grammar School Orchestra" performance, toting the violin. He also treated his education with the utmost respect since he was a child, allowing him to get an award for having a perfect attendance record in 4th grade. In high school he was the intramural basketball captain of the Rye High school basketball team. Michael participated in theater and played the role of an angel in the 1945 Christmas Pageant in the Rye High school auditorium - an event that was extremely important and uplifting given the recent ending of WWII. In 1946, Michael graduated from Rye High school at the age of 18. Being an exceptional student, he received 1 of 14 recognition certificates for "outstanding contributions to the school." After graduating from Rye High School, Michael went on to attend and graduate from the American Institute of Banking. He then pursued a job in this field, securing him a position as the head bank teller with the Rye Trust Company. Michael then proudly served during the Korean War. He was part of the U.S Army - Company K, 223rd Infantry Regiment, 40th Infantry Division.

Johnny Foresman & Gloria Chang
RHS 2021
Date of Birth: 15-Apr-28
Died On: February 26, 2006
Street Address: 150 Maple Avenue
Branch of Service: U.S. Army - Company K, 223d Infantry Regiment, 40th Infantry Division

Veteran Code: KOR-97

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