Mann, Roger C.

Roger C. Mann U.S. Navy WWII
Roger C. Mann U.S. Navy WWII

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Date of Birth: 10/8/1920
Died On: 6/11/1982
Street Address: Sunset Lane
Service Number: unknown
Branch of Service: U.S. Navy - USS Alcyone 31 Oct 1943

Veteran Code: USN-154

Roger C. Mann

Roger C. Mann was born on 10/8/1920 and lived at 1 Iroquois St. in Rye, New York. He lived with his Father, Frank H. Mann, his mother, Anna and his little brother, William. The home that his father owned was valued at $30,000 ($570,000 in current day).

Roger's father was born in Virginia, while his mother was born in New Jersey, Roger and his younger brother were both born in New York.

Growing up in Rye, he and his family were members of the Presbyterian Church. Roger would graduate in the class of 1938 from Rye High School. He was known to be a part of the drivers club, and was a part of the stamps club at the school.

After high school he attended the University of North Carolina graduating in 1941. After the out break of the war he enlisted to serve in the U.S Navy on 2 Nov 1942. He received his commission as ensign in the U.S N.R. and left for naval training school in South Boston, MA.

He was assigned to the USS Alcyone (AKA-7) in Oct 1943. The Alcyone was an attack cargo ship that deployed ammunition to bigger ships to fire and landed supplies to beachheads. Roger would travel both the Atlantic and the Pacific in his years of service and his ship would particpate in the invasions of the Makin Island, Gilbert Islands, Guam and Leyte Gulf. On the last day of 1944, Alcyone sortied with TG 79.4, for the assault on the Lingayen beaches which began on 9 January 1945. The task of unloading her cargo was made more difficult by rough seas, Japanese suicide boat attacks, and enemy air raids. Alcyone earned eight battle stars for her World War II service. Alcyone was decommissioned at the Norfolk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Virginia, on 23 July 1946 and was transferred to the War Shipping Administration on 24 July 1946 for disposal. Her name was struck from the Navy List on 15 August 1946. Roger's service would outlast the Alcyone, he would continue his service until being discharged on 27 Jun 1947.

Roger would marry Miss Sarah Justice of Cheraw, S. C. in June 1943. They would have two sons and a daughter. He would go on to work for the State Department and the United Nations before retiring and moving to Ormond Beach, FL.

Five years after moving to Ormond Beach, Roger C. Mann would pass away on 6/11/1982, at the age of 62 He was survived at the time by his wife, Sarah, two sons, one daughter, and three grandchildren.

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