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Coccola, Robert J.

Coccola, Robert J.

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Robert J Coccola was born on July 17, 1931. As a child, he lived in Rye on Loder Street. Robert J Coccola grew up with his brother, Richard, his mother, Irene, and his father, Anthony. His father, who came from Massachusetts, was the head of the house and worked as an excavating contractor. His mother came from Vermont and worked as a probation officer in Rye. Both parents went to college for four years. Robert attended Rye High School and was a member of the class of 1949. During his high school career, Coccola was an active teenager. In the Rye NY Chronicles of 1946, he was on the tentative list of boys planning to go on a sightseeing hike to Washington as part of a Y.M.C.A program. In 1945, Coccola joined a boxing show, adding to his athletic repertoire.In High School, Robert was an avid football player. During the 1947 season, Coccola's team went 5-2-1, and they lost to rival Harrison 13-6. Robert then went to Niagara University in Lewiston, New York, where he joined the Knickerbocker club. At Niagara University, he was in the Reserve Officers Training Corps, and he received commissions from all three branches of the army. Robert married Katherine Tigano in 1955. During the Korean War, Robert J. Coccola served in the U.S. Navy.

Dylan Rodilosso & Ben Swartz
RHS 2021
Date of Birth: 17-Jul-31
Died On: 15-Jul-80
Street Address: Loder Street
Service Number: 85246376
Branch of Service: U.S. Navy

Veteran Code: KOR-38

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Robert J. Coccola enlistment date was 9-27-1953 and he served until discharged on 6-27-1955.
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