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Fendler, Thomas P

Fendler, Thomas P

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Thomas P Fendler was born on July 13 1928 to Donald C. Fendler and Ruth Fendler and lived with his older siblings Donn and Ryan and younger siblings Patricia and Nancy on 9 Newberry Place. His Father worked to provide for the house while his mother stayed home and cared for the children. He attended school out of Rye at New Hampton Highschool and was captain of the junior varsity basketball team there as well as a track athlete. He graduated from high school on June 1st 1946, and as president of the senior class delivered the address of welcome at his graduation. He would go on to serve his country in the Korean War.

Will Madigan
RHS 2021
Date of Birth: 13-Jul-28
Street Address: 9 Newberry Place
Branch of Service: Branch of Service Unknown

Veteran Code: KOR-57

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5 of 5 Tom was a good friend and a wonderful, giving per July 18, 2022
Reviewer: Kent Pepper from [email protected]  
Anyone who was lucky enough to know Tom was better for the experience.  He had a balance to his life which I envied and admired.  A wonderful friend and soul.  May he be in peace, he earned it!

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