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Beaton, Thomas W.

Beaton, Thomas W.

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Thomas W. Beaton was born on July 27th, 1929 in Rye, New York. He was born to Leslie and Mabel Beaton. They lived at 9 Halls Lane Rye, New York. Thomas Beatons father, Leslie Beaton, worked as an art designer for an advertising company and Thomas's mother was a stay at home mom. They had a servant living with whose name is Almira Flynn. Thomas went to Rye Public Schools. He graduated from Milton Elementary school in 1943 and attended Rye High School and graduated in 1948. In High School Thomas Beaton participated in the Library club(years 1 and 2), the Poster Club(year 3), Camera Club(year 4), Stage Crew(year 1 and 2), and Stage Crew Manager(year 3). After graduating he went to college at Becker Junior College in Worcester Massachusetts where he joined Alpha Omicron Fraternity. He completed his education at Becker Junior College in Worchester Massachusetts. Beaton was a lifetime resident of Rye who was respected by many. Thomas Beaton served three years during the Korean War with the United States Coast Guard in Boston, Massachusetts. For several years, Thomas was a part of the American Yacht Club and enjoyed spending his time with his wife, formerly known as Joan Wagonner. Unfortunately, at the young age of 41, Thomas William Beaton passed away at United Hospital.

Gisele Treichler & John Cassidy
RHS 2021
Date of Birth: 27-Jul-29
Died On: 15-May-71
Street Address: 9 Halls Lane
Service Number: 133226847
Branch of Service: U.S Coast Guard

Veteran Code: KOR-12

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