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Geary, William H. Jr.

Geary, William H. Jr.
William H Geary Jr.

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Date of Birth: February 14, 1894
Died On: April 2, 1919
Street Address: Post Road
Branch of Service: U.S. Army

Veteran Code: WWI-3051

William H Geary Jr.

William H Geary Jr. was born in NY February 14, 1894 , son of Mary and William H. Geary Sr.. He had four sisters Mary, Anna, Louise and Olive and two brothers John and Edmund. His family lived on the Post Road and were members of the Church of the Resurrection.

William enisted and served in the U.S. Army in March 1918. He served in France as a private with the 52nd Pioneer Infantry Regiment.

After the 52nd Infantry Regiment's activation in 1917, the regiment was assigned to the Sixth Infantry Division. The units of the division gathered in New York and left for France in July 1918. After marching and training all over western France, the Sixth was assigned on 31 August to the Vosges sector.

Their mission was the defense of a 21-mile front. The division engaged in active patrols in no man's land and behind the German lines. In addition infantry platoon strongpoints defended against German raiding parties which launched their attacks using liquid fire and grenades.

The division hiked itself into the closing campaign of the war, the Meuse-Argonne offensive. In corps reserve, the 6th was used in place of an unavailable cavalry division to try to maintain contact with the rapidly retreating Germans. During its three months at the front, the 6th Division lost 227 men killed in action or died of wounds.

It maintained an active defense in one important sector and played a major role in the tactical plan in another. After the armistice, the six-point Red Star was adopted as the division insignia on 19 November 1918.

William died in service of pneumonia at Brest, France on April 2, 1919. "He had seen much service at the front and came through unhurt." *

*The World War History of Rye, pg 41


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