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Deegan, John S. Jr.

John F. Deegan U.S. Army WWII
John F. Deegan U.S. Army WWII

Date of Birth: 2/21/1923
Died On: 8/24/2012
Street Address: Blind Brook Lodge
Service Number: unknown
Branch of Service: U.S. Army-WWII

Veteran Code: USARMY-147

BIOGRAPHY Extended Information
John F. Deegan was born in New York in 1923. In Rye his family lived at Blind Brook Lodge. John served as an officer in the U.S. Army during World War II.

Sergt. John Deegan Gets Bronze Star Sergeant John F. Deegan has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal in recognition of meritorious service following 128 days of continuous combat with the 78th Division during which his company swam the Roer River and captured the town of Dedenborn which resulted in taking the dam controlling the area. Sergeant Deegan is the son of Mrs. Frank K. Ford of Blind Brook Lodge and has bees overseas since October 13 1944. He participated in the Battle of the Bulge and continued in active combat until the fall of Germany . There were only twelve men left in his original company when peace was declared. The citation which accompanied the Bronze Star Medal stated it was awarded for meritorious service in connection with military operations against the enemy from December 9, 1944 to March 9. 1945. During this period, the citation reads, Sergeant Deegan served as a mortar gunner, a mortar squad leader and section leader. By his devoted efforts and loyalty to his organization he was instrumental in the successful operation! of the regiment. His courage and singleness of purpose are in accordance with the highest military traditions. Sergeant Deegan was in his sophomore year at Notre Dame University, South Bend, Ind. , when he was accepted for ASTP training at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Rhode Island State College, When the college training was discontinued. Sergeant Deegan found himself a private in the infantry and was sent to Camp Pickett. Va. He was made a sergeant after entering battle on the continent. Besides his Bronze Star Medal he wears the Infantry Combat Badge, Midshipman Robert H. Deegan, his brother, is now convalescing from illness at St. Albans Naval Hospital. He was graduated two months ago from the Columbia University Midshipmans School, July 20, 1945 THE RYE CHRONICLE PAGE FIVE
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