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Mc Donnell, Peter J.

Peter J. Mc Donnell U.S. Navy WWII
Peter J. Mc Donnell U.S. Navy WWII

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Date of Birth: 6/7/1911
Died On: 4/1/1971
Street Address: 25 Goldwin St
Service Number: unknown
Branch of Service: U.S. Navy-WWII

Veteran Code: USN-162

Peter J. Mc Donnell was born in Connecticut in 1911. In Rye his family lived at 25 Goldwin St and were members of the Church of the Resurrection. Peter enlisted and served in the U.S. Navy during World War II.

Rye Men Joining Combat Forces Accepted at the same time for the Navy were Thomas A. DelVal, 382 Midland Avenue; Walter Keys, 56 Cedar Place; Peter J. McDonnell, 2 Hawthorne Place; Edwin T. Perry, Greenwich, formerly 38 New Street; Francis M. Ryan, 15 School Street. There will be a short ceremony, Saturday, December 18, at 8:40 a. m. at the Selective Service Boards office, Barry Avenue School, Mamaroneck, before the men board the 9:27 train. RYE, NEW YORK FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1943

Rye Chronicle Article

Peter Joseph McDonnell 59 ye coil to Unit ed Hospital where he was died suddenly Saturday while r- course He nouncea dead on “'jj ea°t fraS£jp°!lce?e' partment in 1- JL Ju“ J’ Pharv-thlK® Michael' Augusta and Qlra Jane Aheara McDonnell Edu- cated in Rye public achobtahs Scoppi-wag a setw-rWorid-WMf'i-’v-J"-’--iv‘-- n serving in Hie UK Navy Mr McDonnell wasimar yeb 9r 1931 in tte Church the Resurrection to the tor TrMr Wa Tirra-HPttyfSWliO mryives him The ebupie had ’ - - - Westchester County Police Be- nevrient Assoriation Poningo ' Ilook and Ladder Cb of the -Rye-Fire Department He was a charter mmer-f-the-atock- Westchester County Golf Asso- -'elation -and the West Texas Pro-Amateur Golf Association !a a member of the Church 01 ' tte Resurrection he wan -rion’s ecretary-of the CYO bowling ?? °ub and theHolyName- L vi Mr Ai “ ° h cur guard— iian£htm- wHm VTanri mpthw nell of theThone address three sons Kevin Patrick of lu Qruces N M Patrolman Daniel JJ qf the Rye police Department and Stephen A in' fl U- S' Nvy ! Vietnam nd six grandchlldren He is also suryived by his stepmother Eleanor Healy McDonnell bf Rye two brothers Walter and John McDonnell of Fiahkill ftree sisteirs Mrs William' (Dorothy) Murphy of Rye Mrs Edward (Edna) Maloney bf Trenton NJ Mra Lin- coin (Bernadette) Burgress of Rye "and an aunt MrfWD- Urn Voegel ot SpnwtUOK W’ -

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