We need your help solving the Puzzle!
"Who lives, Who dies, Who tells your story?”

Our goal is to create 1450 brief biographies about our WWII veterans, so that future generations can read about of these men’s lives and not just a name on the wall.

The Rye veteran’s project as of today encompasses over 2100 men and women who served in WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam. Over the last decade most of our research has been spent on the WWII veterans. We have created a page for each veteran with specific links to their past in order to create a short biography for each. On every WWII Veterans page, there is a link to a form SF-180. This form is populated with the information, gathered over years of research, required to request the discharge record of each veteran. The discharge record will tell us many things needed to complete the service part of their biographies.

Many of you might have spent some time recently doing puzzles. This project is a 2100 piece puzzle with each piece having dozens of pieces. The links to the pieces are completed. We need your help compiling the information from them and creating a narrative. We have written instruction below and have created short instructional videos on how to accomplish this.

Individuals or families will be linked to historic archives and other various sources to briefly mine the available information and create a short biography. All participants in the project will be cited on the veteran’s page for their authorship.

For years our community listened to the names of veterans who died being read out during Memorial Day Services on the Village Green. We needed somebody to tell us who they were, and we have committed ourselves to tell their stories. Today we are asking for your help to bring their stories to life and make them more than just a name on the wall.

As Lin-Manuel Miranda once asked “who lives, who dies, who tells your story?” Let us be the solution to that problem. Please consider adopting a Rye veteran and help writing a short bio and solving the puzzle. You can take pride in being part of project never attempted by any other community.

In an effort to reduce duplication, all volunteers will be sent the name(s) of a veteran by Ryevets.org, along with login credentials for Ancestry.com. Please contact us at [email protected].

Please follow instructions and videos on how to create a simple biography for our veterans.

Part 1- Pre War Biography Before 12-7-1941

Part 2- War and Post War Years Biography 1941

Part 3- Form SF-180 Request for Veterans Discharge Record