RyeVets.org- Internships

To honor the men and women of Rye, N.Y. who served their country.

Thank you for volunteering to help Ryevets.org as part of your Senior Internship Program at Rye High School. Our goal is to create brief biographies about our 1,450 WWII veterans, so that future generations can read about of these men and women’s lives and not just a name on the wall. Historically speaking a project of this scale has never been attempted in the U.S. or anywhere else. What you will write in the coming days and weeks will become a part of the history of Rye, and serve as a template for other communities. So, once again welcome to becoming part of History.

Okay, let’s get started: Make sure you have shared a Sponsor Acceptance Form

Over the last decade most of our research has been spent on the WWII veterans. We have created a page for each veteran with specific information and links to their past in order to create a short biography for each.

Your internship is a four week program. Our expectation is for you to complete two veteran’s biographies per day. Each should take you no more than 2 hours to complete. Obviously the first one might be a little bumpy with a little trial and error, but we are also confident that once the learning curve kicks in each of you will get the knack of this quickly.

We will be providing each of you with a weekly list of 10 veterans to research- please wait until you get your designated veterans to begin. At the end of each day by 4pm you will submit your two finished biographies. You may also opt to submit all 10 completed biographies by 4pm Friday at the end of each week. Once we review them they will be posted on the website and you cited as Author.

The following are some general tips and directions I also shared with the Community Service kids:

-Okay, before you get started: remember internet research can sometimes be tricky. Don't get frustrated, just keep trying and exploring and re-trying.

1. You should watch the video on the homepage- it's only 2 minutes. It features mostly Rye-guys and the large plaque in front of the Rye Library (RFRR) is now on the Eastside of City Hall

2. If you have never visited our website, it would be very helpful to poke around, explore, read a couple of veteran biographies and get a feel for what we are trying to accomplish. Also think you might be impressed with what these young people did, most of whom were only a year or two older than you are right now.

2. Then go to the About Us tab: https://www.ryevets.org/aboutus.asp. Now you're at the right spot. It is helpful to read the narrative to get a sense of the work accomplished to date - scroll down to the very bottom of the page and you'll see in red type- "How to Write a veteran's biography" and read steps 1,2 & 3 carefully & watch the video….this will make sense once you begin

PLEASE read these sample bios written by RHS volunteers-- these are your models. Refer to them when you think you are finished.



Questions? Contact me, or Chris Maloney ([email protected])

Good Luck and thank you.

Rgs., Dave Ball [email protected]

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a 1973 graduate of RHS, a recently retired teacher from RHS/RMS with more than 30 years experience teaching kids at Rye and a 7th generation Rye-guy. My dad ( RHS Class of ‘44) served in WWII as did many relatives. So, that is part of why I am involved in Ryevets.org. It’s also because as a history teacher, I find the stories behind the names on the plaque at City Hall fascinating and they need to be an integral part of our communal history. The founder of Ryevets.org, Chris Maloney, has a very similar story as mine and he began this initiative in 2012.